Ice cream gift Delivery

Ice cream gift Delivery

Ice cream gift Delivery

You’re not sure what kind of ice creams to get? or if this is a good idea

For a gift?

Let me start with this since you know the person and care greatly for them, which is why you are here now. 

my goal for you is to make the right decision base on things you already know about them

When you spend time with them, can you answer these questions on top of your head? If or not? Ask a friend or family member of there’s 

Are they curious individuals? 

If yes? Do they consider themselves foodies? If unsure, are they picky and don’t like many foods? 

If this is the case, I strongly suggest our competitor Jenny’s ice cream. They make great simple ice cream for your vanillas, chocolates, and our personal fav from Jenny rose wine sorbet very clean flavor. 

Are they busy people? If yes 

Are you concerned about whether the ice cream will melt and if they might come home later than usual?

This won’t be a problem; most of our competitors have also tested this. We all use dry ice. The industry standard is that we ship the ice cream on Mondays or Tuesdays because if it reaches Saturday, then your loved one won’t receive it until Monday, and the likely hood of the ice cream will be melted. 

You might find out they don’t ship to your location. This is most likely the reason why 

Whoever you go with, you’re in good hands in the ice cream community. 

If this is a time-sensitive issue? Might we suggest buying the ice creams at a store or local ice cream place with a variety of 6 pints giving you more options personally bringing it to them, and if you know they are going through something painful, this is a great ice breaker that you are here to listen. They won’t forget you are here for them during this hard time.

Are you trying to create an experience of something new or nostalgic? Perhaps? Then you might want to look at Salt and Straw and our list of ice creams, my personal favorite, and yes, I am basic. The peanut butter and jelly from salt and straw is incredible 


Here are our best sellers 

Black pepper, goldfish, and Hot jalapeño fermented

Posted by
Nicolas Ganea
July 13, 2022

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