How is Ice cream Made?

How is Ice cream Made?

How is Ice cream Made?

Short answer: Cream or Milk, by law, has to be 10% milk fat and 20% milk solids. 

Translation- you have a glass of water from the tap, 80ml (liquid), and 20ml is ice cubes ( solid) 

We know that water turns to ice at 32F (0C) 

Now knowing this information, how is ice cream made? The water in milk is 87% water is turning into ice cubes or what we call snowflakes or ice crystals. That’s it 

I’m sure you are saying that’s not what I am asking, correct? 

I gave you the technical answer from a scientific perspective. 

To make ice cream, you get your cream, bring it to a boil to kill bacteria, then pour over your eggs and sugar to temper with the ingredient you pick, cool it down, then spin it now. It depends on how small the ice crystals you want a translation, less icey/ grainy to taste.

From using ice and salt ( larger ice crystals) to all the way of using a condenser and evaporator, giving you smaller ice crystals depends on what you are going for 

If you are curious about more in-depth the process of how ice cream is made, the focus is the search for smaller ice crystals 

or maybe been considering our ice cream

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Nicolas Ganea
July 14, 2022

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