Distill in Commercial Kitchen

Distill in Commercial Kitchen

Distill in a commercial kitchen, we ran into a snag early this week, realizing that distilling 1 gallon an hour (See Video).

Wasn't going to work taking a lot of water and also the time I had an idea and pitched my friend Cam saying we should use the tilt skillet.

We had some leftover feeding trays. Cam cut them up and welded them together. We tested them out, and it worked; I honestly thought that stream would come from the side... NOPE! it all went through the pipe, as you can see from the TikTok.

Why this matter? We don't have a choke point when you order your soda. You won't have to wait weeks to be done. This is huge! then what's leftover of the solids like blueberry as an example we can blend the blueberry dressing in the tilt skillet making it safe and efficient to pour chilling pump.

This Chef Nicolas Ganea out!

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Nicolas Ganea
April 1, 2021

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