Order min. 6 and max. 9 ice-cream cups. Choose different flavours to customize your bundle.
Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Our creamiest handcrafted ice cream made fresh for every order with unique flavors designed push the boundaries of ice cream.
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Product Description
Discover flavors you never thought were possible with our divine handcrafted ice-cream treats. Our exclusive flavors are made to satisfy your cravings. While Vanilla is undoubtedly the world’s most loved flavor, embrace your curiosity for luxurious flavors. Our top-rated Black Pepper ice-cream, Fish Cracker ice-cream, Cranberry Herb Mascarpone, and Szechuan Pepper ice-cream will having you reimagining classic flavors in a new way. You are just one click away from ordering these divine frozen treats and appreciating the best moments of your life with one scream – Ice cream!
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Customer Reviews
Jennifer Rheaume
Reviewed in
United States
March 30, 2022
Today I received my first order of ice cream. I ordered (1) Hot Honey Fermented Jalapeño, (1) French Orange, and (2) Vanilla. This was my first experience trying ice cream that isn’t categorized as a “regular ice cream favor.” First up - Hot Honey Fermented Jalapeño: Hands down the craziest flavor of ice cream I’ve ever tried. The ingredients were blended perfectly, not overpowering the other, giving such incredible taste in each spoonful. I was literally so excited about the Hot Honey Fermented Jalapeño ice cream, I told my coworkers about it during a Zoom meeting. I will definitely be ordering more!! This is an ice cream to keep on hand for those special dinner guests, as a “wow look what we found, isn’t it amazing” conversation piece ❤️❤️ Chef Nicolas Ganea never disappoints!! I’ll review the 2 other flavors when I try them ~ Jenn
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How many ice cream flavors are there?

Our handcrafted organically made ice cream is available in the world’s most delicious and unique flavors, including Vanilla, black pepper, goldfish, French orange, and suchuan pepper.

Do you sell organic and gluten-free ice cream?

Yes, we are serving freshly made gluten-free ice cream. Our main ingredients are Eggs, Fresh Cream, Sugar, and flavors. Besides, it is processed and manufactured to make it completely healthy and gluten-free.

How long this ice cream can last in the freezer?

We take extreme care to deliver freshly made ice cream to your doorstep. Besides, our manufacturing process ensures to keep it freshly tasting for a long time. Therefore, an unopened container will last for 6 - 8 months. In case of an opened container, you must pack it properly before putting it back in the freezer, and it may last for three and more months.

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