you've been considering our ice cream

you've been considering our ice cream

You have seen our content you've been considering our ice cream 

They sound interesting, but you don't know people that have tried them. You can't find enough reviews for the ice cream to make the right judgment. 

And I get that!

I promise you that if you don't like the ice cream, we will refund your money. You work hard for your money, and we don't want you to lose it from a bad experience, can all we agree!  

Let me put you at ease in our process on how we pick the ice cream. First, we find the right texture and taste we think is best. If we feel it tastes like vanilla, that idea goes to the trash ( most do), then it goes to our customers who test the new flavor. It won't make the list if 90% of people don't like/love them.

If you were to eat my food daily ( yes, I serve food! I run multiple experiments ), you would have the same experience as all my customers. This is why they trust me. 

If they haven't had the food before and it's something new ( usually is), they say I don't want that! I ask the following questions have you had this before? Common response; "No.." I grab a little spoon to try it 

The person intends to love it and asks for me to add it to their plate. 

That's not my favorite part! Its people I learned from that can't stand certain ingredients example, greens, savory, sweet sauce, or whatever. When it comes to something new they haven't had, and I can say No, Matt, Cam, Rachel, etc., you won't like this because of what food they have picked from the past.

This is where trust is built. They question if I truly know them. They ask for a spoon and try it and go, yep, you're right! I wasn't going to like this. I should have listened… 

I know we won't have this relationship which makes me sad, where all you have to do is look at me with no words asking if you like/love this, and I'll reply with a simple nod or shake. Those are my favorite experiences.

As you're reading this over the internet, I may not know you now I will. We are both humans. I am here to make a win/win situation because that's how we learn. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out our list 

Posted by
Nicolas Ganea
July 25, 2022

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