How much is ice cream? 

How much is ice cream? 

How much is ice cream? 

If you are making it yourself? If you are getting wholesale, might we suggest going to the Us Chef store? You'll get chef prices for products. 

If you don't believe us? If you have insta cart, you can look up prices to compare. 

This answer will change monthly or even weekly depending on supply, a great resource I use for consumer pricing.

And food cost updates are USDA. Here is the most recent 

For all food cost  
In the current market of July 22nd, The cheapest is 2.73 per pint if you're buying 6 half gallons or if you are getting one-half gallon, it's 3.51 per pint. 

This is how we break it down in excel sheets. scroll to the top and you'll see the screenshot of our excel

One of our cheapest ice cream costs $1.90 before the cost of labor, container, lid, and marketing. 

Unless you are making it for the masses, the cost of the cream is your highest cost.

Eggs you can get the same prices as us in wholesale if you go to Costco where it's 0.20 an egg on a good day or today's market 0.30 an egg unless you are buying overpriced eggs that can be 0.66 per egg and sugar, you know is cheap 

If you are looking for % of what is considered ice cream or frozen custard might suggest reading our recent article 

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Nicolas Ganea
July 22, 2022

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