Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Just got off the phone with Brandon, and we been brainstorming ideas to build our brand first. Brandon researched businesses around us Locally, but one thing that pops into my mind after watching a video, This guy from Tiktok Adrian Brambila, which lead to this youtube video I watch of his affiliate marketing. I had this idea as I was listening to his video on the background that would save us time in meeting people.

I have experience in Sales as a Chef. This is no differences online, honestly, except you have 2 options, Organic or paid ads.

I called Brandon and said Yo! you know how we been looking at other businesses to get our brand in front of them? We also need to be learning more about what other brands are doing with healthy foods. We will find products that make great foods that help people. Why don't we also make recipes and listing of their products then use affiliate programs to build relationships with them plus, we don't have to waste time-solving a problem if a brand already making a great product and our customers know we like to work with others and realize we don't have an ego

Not to mention our customers will get products that will help them maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Brandon said HECK YES! I love it!

Posted by
Nicolas Ganea
April 28, 2021

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