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Olive Oil Gift Box

Olive Oil Gift Box

Gift for your loved ones which includes infused oil with Fresh Organic Basil, Lemon and Roasted Garlic.
Products Included

Basil Olive Oil (8.45 oz)
Lemon Olive Oil (8.45 oz)
Garlic Olive Oil (8.45 oz)

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Product Description
Infused with Fresh Organic Herbs and NOT with essential oils or flavors. Rich natural flavor and an increasingly authentic taste and aftertaste, characteristics sustainable over time. Just a spoon on top of your Pastas, Soups, Vegetables, Pizzas or Toast can enhance and deepen the flavor of your food to create new gastronomical delights. Do try it! We produce olive oils rich in the bioactive compounds of the aromatic plants and fruits used in preparation. Our oil enrichment method compliments the original, authentic taste of the Mediterranean olive oils.
We will be adding recipies for this product soon.
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How can I use this Basil olive oil?

You can use it directly to any dish. It gives an extra flavor to your meals, including eggs, pesto sauce, pizza sauce, baked potato, meat, sauces for seafood, snacks, salads, pizza, or using directly on crusty bread.

What are the top benefits of basil?

Basil is an herb packed with powerful antioxidants to protect your body. Besides giving aroma and taste to your dishes, it is beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, it helps with sleep disorders and improved metabolism.

How can I use lemon olive oil?

You can use lemon olive oil dressing to improve your dishes taste and aroma. Besides, it is anti-inflammatory and relives joints pain. In addition, lemon and olive together detoxify body and eliminates toxins. Moreover, these two ingredients together with Vitamin E prevents premature aging while supporting body health and wellness.

Can I use it as a substitute of fresh lemon in olive oil?

Yes, you can use it as a substitute for fresh lemon in olive oil for making lemony flavour sauces sweet and sour dips, marinates and sauces while avoiding the hassle of cutting and squeezing lemon. Besides, it does not give any bad after taste.

I am allergic to raw garlic. Can I still use this garlic olive oil in my sauces without the fear of allergy?

We use roasted garlic in this extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, it can help you get the flavors and benefits of garlic with fewer or no side effects. Roasting garlic makes them mild, tasty, and easily digestible.

What is the shelf life of garlic olive oil?

You can safely use this garlic olive oil for two years.

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