How you control your kids sugar intake

How you control your kids sugar intake

How you control your kids sugar intake?

Currently I am reading why start ups fail

I already had the mindset of what makes a start fail when the author put the list to together what his definitions are it was clear we agree

They were:

Doesnt make profit
The investors didn't get there investment back

It doesnt matter what the goals are of the entrepreneur or Entrepreneurs

Why Am I saying this? Well there section it mentioned  key factors of if a entrepreneur that fails will continue to fail but a entrepreneur that had a successful business will continue to make successful businesses

Base on research from HBS Paul Gompers.”,  Josh learner and David Shasteen

30% of Serial entrepreneurs succeeded in Further ventures

Compared to 22% serial entrepreneurs failed there first venture

And 21% first time founders that succeeded


Better skills, superior resources, gender, race, money tends to flow of track record of success

Which leads to a Conversation with my brother yesterday I had on Facetime

My brother disagreement with sweets

He told the story his daughter said to him about the experience that she had ice cream for the first time after finding out it was his father in law  who gave his daughter a tea spoon of ice cream and my brother disagreed on this.

I was intrigued for a couple reasons whats the reason behind this? Because there 3 things that were crossing my mind that lead to this Decision

Is it because of market trend? Is it because my brother in law of his love for lollies or it is because growing up my mother didnt allow us to have sweets as much?

My brother soon corrected me saying mum allowed you and my little brother to have soda and I said no it was only special occasions which lead me to not care for soda as a result I love orange juice because that was something our mum always had in the house

How my mother got us not to care for sweets?

With further questioning it got me think about what I used to do as a kid my mother was a single mother that didnt have time to make box lunches my brothers and I were given money to get lunches

Being curious I wanted to see what lunches my friends were eating so I would ask can I have some? All would said no it was later learning that when I would get lollies from the canteen thats when my friends would ask can I have some? That lead me to trading with them

My friends would go crazy the ones that had parents oh yeah my mum doesn't allow us to have jam or soda ( soft drinks) blah blah

Leading to the consequence as they got older the problem continued

I'm sure your wonder where is this leading?!!?!

Well when I moved to America I noticed that ketchup was overly sweet and made me never eat again same with desserts

Which brings me to the solution

If you truly want to have your kids not have ice cream or sweets what my soon to be expecting wife ( Feb 2022) plans to do since we are both chefs

Is make the ice creams and desserts making sure when they have other products they will have the same experience as I did Oh my god this too sweet! Turning then long term not interested in having sweets

Thats how you control it if you never give them the standards then soon as they have the products you dont want them to have. Thoses standards will be made and through there perspective thats how your child will think how its suppose to taste

Chefs will tell you this happens all the time with. People… it goes something like this: thats not how thats suppose to taste! my mum, dad, grandmother etc made it this way


if you truly want to control the sweets your child eats create the standards of what you want it to taste like

Eventually the cause and effect it make companies change the standards if you get enough momentum of people that affects the bottom line    

Just like entrepreneurs that continue to fail don’t reflect long enough that got them here

Posted by
Nicolas Ganea
December 16, 2021

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